Tuesday, August 20, 2013

DNA,Ren, Egyptian,Diamond Body

The Egyptians knew that the Universe was a Self-Referential Structure, a Fractal. They knew that one principle repeats itself on every Level. The Structure of the Universe is repeated in the Human Body and the Human Cells. If the Universe is a Nine-Fold pattern, the Spiritual Body also has to be a Nine-Fold Pattern.

The Nine Bodies were named Ren the Name of the Body, the Chemical Structure, the Strong Force, Ab the Heart, the Center, the Consciousness, The Center of Gravity, Akh Shiner, The Luminous Body, the Force of Decay, Radiation, the Weak Force, Khaibit Shadow, Aura, the Electro Magnetic Field of the Body, Ka, Ba , Khat, Sahu and Sekhem.

A person’s Ren his DNA, his Blueprint, Date Time & Place of Birth was given to them at birth and would live for as long as that name was spoken. A cartouche a magical rope was often used to surround the name and protect it for eternity. The knowledge of the True Name could destroy a man. If somebody knew the Date Time and Place of a Person he could find out with the Use of Astrology everything he wanted to know.

It was also believed that if a man knew the name of a god or a demon, and addressed him by it, he was bound to answer him and to do whatever he wished.

The Scientists still don’t understand the concepts of Ka, Ba, Khat and Sekhem.

The concept of the Sahu is well known in many old cultures. In Tibetan mysticism the Sahu is called the Dharmakaya the Truth Body. In the Christian Gnostic tradition it is called, the Resurrection Body. In Sufism the Most Sacred Body wujud al-aqdas and Supra-Celestial Body asli haqiqi and in Taoism, it is called the Diamond Body. Those who have attained it are called the Immortals and he Skywalkers the Djedi

The Sahu is an InterStellar Space-Ship steered by the Soul Ba. It accompanies the human being in its endless cycle of birth, death, transformation, and rebirth. The Sahu contains the Projected Personalities Ren in the Matrix, the Memories Akasha, the spiritual Aims and Purposes of every Incarnation of the Soul in every part of the Multi-Verse.

If we understand the Nine-Fold Pattern it is not so difficult to map the first four Spiritual Bodies Ren, Ab, Akh, Khaibit to the Four Forces or Four Elements of our Physical Universe.

The next five Bodies are very different. They are related to the Egyptian Underworld governed by Osiris. The Egyptian Underworld is a representation of our Seven Twin Universes associated with what the current scientists call Dark Matter.

The Ka Dark Matter Chemical Body, the Ba, Dark Matter Heart, The Center, Conscioussness, Soul, the Khat Dark Matter Etheric Body and the Sahu Dark Matter Light Body exist in a different SpaceTime.

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