Herbs we sell

Friday, June 20, 2014

Herbs we sell

Listed below are Herbs i sell and endorse from there affiliate program

The King of Medicinal Mushrooms,
according to Siberian Shamans

Chaga (Inonotus Obliquus) is a medicinal mushroom most commonly found on birch trees. Different from other mushrooms, it grows its sclerotium or mycelium on the outside of the tree, instead of fruiting bodies. It is believed to not be parasitic, but instead to live symbiotically with the host tree.Order Here .......>Chaga Great Video on Chaga

a great article on Chaga  and article Quest for Chaga

Reishi – The Mushroom of Immortality

Reishi, also known as Ling Zhi and Ganoderma Lucidum, is found in many parts of the world on a wide variety of trees. It has also been called by a number of other names including “God’s Herb” and “10000 Year Mushroom”  Order Here...>Reishi

Highest Quality Genuine
Cordycep Sinensis Extract on the Market

Cordyceps sinensis has been popular among athletes ever since it was reported that the Chinese female track teams of nine members used it for great effect, setting nine world records in the 1993 National championship. Further medals came in the 1996 and 2000 Olympics..Order here..>Cordyceps

Known as Siberian Ginseng,
Eleuthero is a Potent Adaptogen

Similar to ginseng in many respects, Eleuthero earned the name Siberian ginseng, despite the fact that it is an entirely different genus than ginseng although both are of the family Araliaceae. While this name has been around for a long time, more people are beginning to use the actual name, in short form, Eleuthero. Another lesser known name, at least in Western countries, is Ciwujiia.Order here...>Eleuthero


For Over 4000 Years Considered India’s Most Potent Sexual Herb and All-Around General Tonic.In Ayurvedic medicine it is considered a rasayana, which means the path of essence, and speaks to its longevity properties. It enhances Ojas, which is the equivalent in Chinese Medicine as Jing and has been in use for over 4000 years.Order here..>Ashwaganda

Pure Shilajit Mineral Pitch

The Most Potent Form of
Shilajit Available

For those that have taken our other shilajits you know how powerful they are. There’s a reason its one of the top herbs in Ayurveda known as all of the following:
  • The Conqueror of Mountains
  • The Destroyer of Weakness
  • Indian Viagra
  • Historical Cure-All
  • Most Powerful Anti-Aging Substance
  • The Nectar of the Gods according to Legend Order here..>Shilajit Pitch

Maral Root

Little Known Root with Anabolic Activity Leads to Increased Lean Muscle Mass and Improved Work Capacity

Maral root is known by a number of names like Rhaponticum carthamoides, Leuzea carthamoides and Stemmacantha carthamoides. It grows wildly in Siberia and is cultivated in different areas of Russia and Eastern Europe.
The name Maral root comes from the maral deer who feed on it. Specifically the males would fight each other during mating season, then dig out the roots and eat them to restore strength. Local people noticed this and used the root themselves historically for the following purposes:
  • Recovery from fatigue
  • Treat impotence
  • Recovery from various illnesses
  • Increasing sexual potency
  • Improving mild depression
  • Increase memory
  • Increase work capacity
  • Adaptogenic properties
  • Anabolic properties  Order Here...>Maral Root

He Shou Wu

The Ultimate Kidney Jing Fortifier and
#1 Anti-Aging Herb in Chinese Tonic Herbalism

The Legend of He Shou Wu…
This root is named after a man who became famous from its use. Neng Zi was born as a weak boy. When he grew up he never married because he was impotent. At the age of 58, one day he got drunk in the forest and fell asleep. He noticed roots that appeared in his mind to be “making love”. He dug these up and later made it into a tonic he could consume.
Within a short period of time he noticed a new energy flowing within his body. He began to feel virile, and could hardly contain his sexual drive. He continued taking He Shou Wu for years which made his grey hair turn black and he fathered many children.
The legend says he lived to 160 years old and fathered 19 sons and daughter. Not bad for starting out with a weak constitution and beginning on the herb at 58.
order here...>He Shou Wu

Pine Pollen MY FAVORITE@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Check it out. Pine Pollen is recommended by Tim Ferris in his new book The 4-Hour Chef.
Pine Pollen may be one of the most potent and powerful herbs or foods available today. It is the male spore of the pine tree and has been used for thousands of years.Order here...>Pine Pollen

Brown Shilajit

The Destroyer of Weakness and
Conqueror of Mountains

With a name like that you know it has to be good! But that’s just the beginning…
Shilajit is the #1 rated herb in Ayurvedic Medicine. It is highly regarded as the most powerful anti-aging substance known to the people of India.Order Here..>Brown Shilajit

Polyrhachis Ant Extract

The Herb of Kings

Ants are strong and when you take our ant extract you may acquire some of that strength. Ants are the strongest creatures, pound for pound, on the planet. Order here.>Polyrhacis Ant Extract


The Power and Rejuvenation Ability of the Hydra…Now in Supplement Form

Do you remember the myth of Hercules fighting against the Hydra? The Hydra was a dragon or serpent like creature and when each one of it’s heads was chopped off, two grew back it it’s place, proving a difficult beast to overcome. Order Here..>Hydrilla

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Most supplement companies, if they even have an affiliate program, only offer 2, 5 or 10%. :(

We offer affiliates a whopping 30% for every sale of our herbs.

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