Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Right Side of the Heart

Right Side of the Heart

Thought-emotion-felt sense-chemistry-energy-spirit are different but simultaneous aspects of one and the same thing. The generation of the solar heart involves the two main factors self-love and individuation. Self-love generates equality, equanimity and focus on expression of the Muse, while conversely low self-esteem generates inflation, bombast, hierarchy, usury, and enmeshment. Thus we can use the Inner Arts to install worthiness in our cells and generate the amrita with which to become authentic.that is filled with the Presence. Bliss is when the Presence of Spirit fills that which was cut off and occluded from the light of the unity of body, mind and soul organism-total. The "return" is felt as blissful honey moving into that which was in pain or numb. It seems we continually want to go back and revisit our pain so we can feel like we remember who we are. But this is just the perpetuation of the memory of the false self.

The ecstatic brain juice amrita is the Universal Medicine. It is the Elixir of Equilibrium with which to conquer love and hate and build the solar body. The amrita produced in the crystal chamber of the pineal-pituitary area travels with lymph and blood and down into the right side of the heart creating perfect entrainment between head and heart brains, and the constant deep ecstasy of soul-embodiment. The Sufis say the left side of the heart is associated with the mind, the right side with the Soul. The right side is more palpable with the fingers as electrical energy or bliss sensation, because the right side of the heart has the most neurological tissue.

Turn the head to the right during meditation or CMR and you can often get a sudden influx of amrita to the right side of the heart that puts you in unity consciousness Samadhi that is if your kundalini is already charged and you are spiritually and vitally open. The channel for immortal bliss is none other than tryptamine charged lymph cerebrospinal fluid entering the bloodstream and flowing into the right side of the heart thereby entraining the brain fully into the heartfield.

Further on in the alchemy the lower belly hara, lower tantien  becomes Solar as well as the Heart. This sets up a permanent current of bliss between the center of the brain crystal chamber, the Heart and the lower belly. This marries intuition with intellect, so there is a lived psychic experience in daily life as the general course of things. The activated Philosopher's Stone however is not the end of the game, but the beginning of a truly human existence.

Through the Heartfield we establish the intrinsic value that is love, worthiness and primordial trust. Love ignites being to its depth potential. Deeper IS faster. Shallow is wasted life.

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