Thursday, May 23, 2013

Kundalini Through the Diaphragm

Through the Diaphragm,

The Primal Release Pose, and the Cardio-Muscular Release technique will help take contraction out of the diaphragm and rewire the vagus,,, nerve medulla area. Besides these any emotional release work would help, and breathing techniques such as Holotropic breathing. 

Also you could try what I call flying, which is to lie on your back on a bolster about 8" thick put under the back of the chest put your arms out and relax your breathing into the pose.

A consistent practice of singing, toning, chanting, mantra, humming and growling will help to loosen the diaphragm and detoxify the brain as well. Running and other aerobic exercise will give you more lung volume and give the diaphragm mechanism more energy to relax itself with. The Healing Way and The Belly and Its Power. 

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