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Eros Muse Ma Libido Drinking Lightning

Drinking Lightning

Pan  the flute player of the Muses, was the herald of wisdom. That wisdom of Omphalos, the World Navel, was his to bestow. This shows us that the ancient Greeks knew that an internal celestial music is heard in the highest states of consciousness. Pan the musician playing to the tune of Eros, can be heard when one crosses over the threshold into the sacred zone of the Universal Source. The herald of the Muse accompanies the numinous pristine luster of divine revelation the ecstasy of Union or non-separation.

In the painting entitled Ma we see this threshold, the gates to the Void, guarding the ancestral realm of knowledge. The pearl within-this mouth of Ma, represents Prajna wisdom Grokking that is achieved in the 9th Samadhi. When one has transcended the pairs of opposites in the one and only Universal Void suiiya.

The immanent transcendent Ground of all being, or the Real is suddenly seen One Taste, like a flash of lightning. At the 9th Samadhi there is a breaking through of conditioned reality to Grok the Eternal Present riunc stans. This sense of Timelessness is experienced when the central axis of the spinal cord sushumna becomes activated, marrying heaven and earth, the sun and the moon.

And with this experience of the Eternal Now there is a Stopping, Enlightenment, or Realization of the amplitude and majesty of one whose Spirit is stable. On breaking through the threshold between conditioned reality, to the sacred or unconditioned Reality, we find that the Safe Ground of the Unknown is constituted both by Maya and Absolute Spirit, by the illusion and the Real, by time and Timelessness. Thus realizing the interdependence and non-separation of the inner and outer worlds.

Spiritual initiation beyond the threshold involves a literal death and resurrection of the neophyte, or the descent into hell immanence followed by the ascension into Heaven transfiguration. With this initiation there is a dying off of the old self, as the plane of conditioned reality and its associated defense structures is ruptured.

The soul ascends the stairway of the mountain axis mundi, Earth navel, Kabbalah, Pyramid, Chakras entering the Beyond through a cave at the Summit of the mountain. Symbolizing the way to Absolute Reality at the numinous summit bridging heaven and earth.

The vulva cave signifies the Threshold, the alchemical vessel, the womb where this rebirth and redemption takes place. It is an analogue for the Grail, and we know for whom the Grail serves. The Grail serves Love, Eros, Libido the life-wish that animates the Universe.

The anima mundi, the indwelling soul of the earth, spontaneously opens to evolutionary creativity, driven by the inexorable lightning fires of Eros.

Having died to our former nature through the initiation of non separation, or the Rite of the Center there is a reanimation of the senses and a cleansing of perception. The vasanas or woeful memories of the collective unconscious are burnt off in purifying fires of Kundalini  Freeing us from the emotional pain of Karrhas, thereby allowing a Kosmic lucidity or transcendental perception. This scintillating transcendental perception is simply the true state of our Being that we are collectively blocking with our sin and ignorance.

The two, in-tensions that drive the living world are the life wish Eros, Libido and the death-wish Thanatos, Destrudo.

Whether we are climbing up the mountain or falling down it, the Universe constantly reminds us to remember our Divine State and raises us up from the sleep of the anarchic or non-meditative level.

The memory of the return to Center of Self is inherent in nature. The spiral journey of the soul is the Rite of the Center. The sacred mountain represents the bond or the highest point between heaven and earth. A return to Cosmic Center, the Navel of the Earth, the pure point at which creation spontaneously gives birth to itself, auto poetically arising from the Void in perpetual genesis, to the Cosmic music of Pan.

Of course the Void is prior to division of the sexes poles and therefore is not really feminine Yet from ages immemorial the great masters have observed that tati which is the creative power of the Universe behaves like a mother and manifests worlds out of its own womb like essence. It fosters life. It creates. The Indian sages refer to this action of "actionless being  in one of the most beautiful, primal and maternal of Sanskrit words, Ma. Drinking Lightning, Philip Rubinov Jacobson

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