Friday, March 22, 2013

Heart ♥

The Heart, the Tiny Chamber of the Heart.
The Holiest of Places. ♥

The Heart is more established than the brain, the Heart is older.
When the Human Conception begins, there is a sphere, which is the ovum, sperm comes in and conception takes place through vitosis then it divides into 2, then into 4 and forms a Perfect Tetrahedron and it comes into 8 and becomes a Star Tetrahedron, which is a cube. which is the key to the Merkabah. Then it continues to grow to a form of sliced apple = heart shaped if you will that is hollow inside and they found that this SHAPE HAS 512 cells =)))))))))))))) and nothing else exists for a while but this Heart with 512 cells. Then the body appears. at 13 weeks of gestation the Soul comes in to Incarnate the body- and the pineal gland -very important - excretes a lot of DMT at this stage.

Through Pyramedical research and the study of the Sacred Books they say that what exists, at first, in our mother's womb is a heart and nothing else. Then our bodies come out of this heart. This is why the Heart is older than the brain. BUT... the first part that emerges out the Heart is the TIP OF OUR TONGUES and the rest of the body follows, tucking the Heart inside of us. The tip of the tongue is DIRECTLY connected to the Sacred Place and Tiny Chamber, which is the Holiest of Places- on our Hearts. That is why you have Meditative exercises to put your tongue on the roof of your mouth to stimulate certain glands  pineal pituitary-thalamus, understand that the Thalamus has two channels that go down to two Chakras of the Heart. The upper one is related to the right brain Arts-Love-Compassion... the second one is related directly to the Heart... no brain connection. So the tongue massages a very specific spot which causes a sexual stimulation Kundalini between the Heart and the brain that stimulates the Thalamus and begins to fire Alpha in the 4 lobes of the brain, when the Alpha reaches a certain level of fire-ring, this green light will appear, that is talked about all the way back to the Vedas, 6,000 years ago... then a lot happens which would be again too long to explain, but basically you have 8 beams of light coming out of your head to form a halo, yes we all have one- you need to activate your beams of Light and have your brain connected to your Heart for everything to form the Halo when this with specific breathing. This is all scientifically documented. We are pure Creators, because Love loves us. ONE MIND, ONE THOUGHT, ONE LOVE SUPREME IN ALL OF US, -THROUGH ALL OF US.
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