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The Seeds of Super Knowledge Lie In Every Brain

The Seeds of Super Knowledge Lie In Every Brain

The number of neurons (nerve cells) in a developed human brain is almost double the human population on the

earth today! Each of these tiny cells is comparable in capacity and efficiency to a multi-talented, august and stout

human being. In fact, people could sometimes be lazy, disorderly, dishonest, or inefficient, but the tiny neurons

never ignore their ‘duties’ and continue contributing to the adept information processing and the other vital functions

of the brain and the body.

The over ten billion neurons are each like ‘divine machines’. Some of these store the past memories for ages…. At

a superficial level, we seem to forget many things quite rapidly…What we seem to have memorized with great

efforts also appears to have waned out from our memory after some time, because we find ourselves unable to recall

it… However, as the neurological experiments reveal, whatever we ever encounter remains inscribed in the ultra

sensitive microfilms of the neurons for hundreds of years. For instance, in one such experiment when Dr. Penfield

had electrically stimulated the memory strip in a subject’s brain, that person started singing the songs of a film,

which he had seen over two decades ago. The story of the film also surfaced afresh in his memory as though he has

watched the movie just now….

The nerves, the ‘biological channels’ connected with the neurons are spread in the entire body and constitute the

Nervous System. These are broadly categorized as of two types – the sensory nerves and the motor nerves; that make

possible the sensory (or cognitive) functions and the locomotion activities respectively. The sensory nerves are

linked with the sense organs. Whatever we smell, watch, hear, eat, or experience by touch, is perceived with the help

of the instant signal processing between the sensory nerves and the brain. The motor nerves and their control unit in

the brain conduct the activities of movement, walking, chewing, bathing, reading, etc… This gross understanding

of the nervous system, together with the general anatomy and associated physiological functions of the brain have

been known to the scientific community since the advent of neurological research in the past century.

For a longtime, the brain was recognized only as the controller of the conscious activities, motor functions and the

perception of the sense organs. The fact that this rather small organ in the human body is a repository of astonishing

potentials became clearer with the advancement of neuro-scientific research. Contemporary progress in collaborative

studies in the fields of psychology, parapsychology, and metaphysics appear to be bringing the modern science

closer to the areas of vedik science that deal with the hidden powers of human mind. It is now accepted by many

groups of eminent researchers that, as described in the Indian Philosophy, the human mind is a reflection of the


. The impulses of whatever is happening…, is going to happen…, or has happened…, anywhere in the

infinite expansion of the cosmos reach and can be captured by the inner cores of human mind…

The human mind is endowed with the power to know about the past, present and the future, at will. However, this

supernormal talent remains dormant in general. The dull and drowsy minds can’t even properly experience, recognize,

or analyze the present… Brilliance of intellect and foresightedness help the sagacious minds know and shape the

future growth of the subject matter of their interest and expertise. This explains why enlightened and alert mind is

said to be the architect of its own life. However, the extrovert attitude, self-centered inclination, and complacence

and excessive attachment with the present and the immediate future, often restrain its trenchant vision and talents

from reaching the wider and deeper domains of knowledge…. Cultivation of introvert and deeper thinking and

successive endeavors of intellectual and spiritual erudition gradually arouse its hidden powers. This elevation can

eventually excel the illuminated minds to the higher realms of precognitive realizations.

The authentic reporting of the supernormal talents of the deep concentration, self-control, and willpower of human

mind has drawn the attention of many researchers towards the yoga practices of (meditation) and

(dedicated spiritual endeavors). The great yogis and spiritual devotees refine their inner-consciousness

and mental potentials by self-restrain, ascetic disciplines and . Some people, though rarely, are born with

evolved consciousness and extraordinary talents. In a few, such powers are found to be activated accidentally.

Spiritual refinement of personality and evolutions of the inner force of consciousness enable the ‘individual self’,

emancipate from the thralldom of ignorance and set an active linkage with the limitless…. Its domain of experience

and knowledge-acquisition too would then expand beyond all limitations. The live experiences of great personalities

and sagacious minds do illustrate from time to time that the evolution of the inner-powers can indeed exalt the

individual self at unimaginable heights…

Several books, such as “The Third Eye” by T. Lobe-Sang, “Spiritual Journey to the land of Hermitage” by Al Zahir,

and “The Making of Heavenly Trousers” by Daniel Bayer, give us a first hand view of the extrasensory experiences

of the authors. These intellectuals had had the divine experience of the awakening of the )

% (– the ‘sixth

sense’ or the ‘third eye’). What they had experienced as clairvoyance and glimpses of the past and the future in the

specific states of mental engrossment in deeper consciousness – was also authentically verified…. Such experiences

evince that human mind is indeed endowed with a divine eye in its subliminal core.

Renowned German philosopher and writer, Goethe mentions at one place in his autobiography that –– once when he

was sitting in his house at Wilma, he suddenly felt that the island of Sicily, several thousands miles away, is being

shaken by horrifying seismic tremors…. The feeling was so strong and clear that he even discussed this unique

experience with some of his friends… But no one paid any attention. What else but “illusion” could such an

experience be called in general? How could one see or explain the happenings of several thousands miles away

without any mode of communication? It was only after about a week that the newspapers brought the tragic reports

of a devastating earthquake in Sicily. This had occurred on the same day, same time, when Goethe had watched this

horrifying event live….

Jonathan Swift had described in his popular novel “The Gulliver’s Travels” that –– Mars has two moons orbiting

around it; one at a velocity double than the other… His “hypothesis” was thought to be mere fiction because, until

then it was annulled that the planets other than the earth could also have their satellites. After about 150 years, in

1877, a giant telescope in the Naval Observatory at Washington, traced the presence of the two moons of Mars and

also proved that the velocity of one is double that of the other…

Film actor Chandra Mohan Sen once dreamt that his horse has fallen into a ditch while running in a racecourse. He

got up with a panic, but was soon glad to find that his horse was quite all right However, hardly three days later, this

horse died under the same circumstances as were seen by his master in the dream.

In his book “An Experiment with Time”, J. W. Dunne has described several dreams, which depicted future realities

in advance. In one of his own dreams, he had seen the eruption of a volcano in the Crestar Island few weeks before

the calamity.

Spain’s Ischopiel Palace is a masterpiece of Spanish architect. King Phillip II had got it constructed in the memory

of his wife Mary Tudor. One of the halls in this monument was designed for the burial of the king and his successors.

An astrologer had then told this King that his family’s empire would last for twenty-four generations only. Because

of his faith in the sage, the king arranged for twenty-four graveyards in the said hall. Queen Maria Christine was

the 23


ruler of the same royal family. She died in 1929 and was buried in the same hall. Surprisingly, Alphonso,

the prince designate since a long time, was finally sworn in as the King of Spain. Within two years he was dethroned

and assassinated. With him the empire of Phillip’s family had also come to an end…

It was sometimes during the peaceful freedom movement of India, when an elderly British citizen, nick-named

Nancy came here as a tourist. She was a good friend of Mrs. Sarojini Naidu. Sarojini had organized a get-together

to introduce her to some Indian friends. Mr. Jinnah and his newly wed, young Parasi wife were also present on this

occasion. Nancy constantly stared at the couple for several minutes while being introduced to them. It looked quite

awkward. After the couple had left, Sarojini asked this lady about her embarrassing behavior. Nancy replied –– “I

could read it on their faces that within three years from now, they would be divorced. Afterwards, the young pretty

woman (Mrs. Jinnah) would commit suicide and Mr. Jinnah will become a king – the head of a state….”. All the

others around, including the host laughed at this whimsical ‘prediction’. No one could imagine the couple’s separation,

as Mr. Jinnah was deadly fallen in his new wife’s love… The possibility of India’s freedom in such a short span of

time and Jinnah’s enthronement sounded equally baseless.

However, everyone witnessed that the next three years brought a drastic change in the fate of the country as well as

that of the Jinnahs. They were divorced and Mrs. Jinnah ended her life in depression. With its independence, India

was divided into two nations and Mr. Jinnah became the first head of the state of Pakistan.

Mr. Zaidy, the then vice-chancellor of the Aligarh Muslim University (India) had also heard about the above prediction.

He visited London six years after the independence of India. There he recalled this British lady – the foreteller,

Madam Jean Dixon (Nancy). He did have her address in the diary, so he could visit her during his stay there. While

talking about her clairvoyance in general, Prof. Zaidy casually asked her about the future of India and Pakistan. She

just looked into the air and said – east of Pakistan will be separated in couple of decades… Indeed, her precognition

came true, when Pakistan was divided and its east part emerged as an independent country – Bangladesh in 1970.

Seeds of the supernormal vision like Mrs. Dixon and of other exceptional talents are immanent in every individual.

Each one of us could gradually arouse and evolve these hidden potentials of our mind by dedicated endeavors. The

ancient science of

enlightens the path of such extraordinary attainments.

Bud Karas

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