Thursday, September 27, 2012

Right study of the scriptures leads to emancipation


A true devotee does not suffer with mental indigestion as does one who gorges himself on scriptural lore without understanding its meaning and without assimilating it into his life. Theoretical study is helpful when it inspires a devotee to practice the holy teachings. Wisdom thoughts are faithful guides and protectors when they become one's constant companions.

Redemption does not come from what one knows intellectually, but from what one becomes as a result of that knowledge. There must be a rational connection between one's learning and oneself, so that a truth becomes such an integral part of the being that it cannot be dislodged by contrary temptations or doubts. This is intuitional learning, or realization.

All beliefs should be thoroughly scrutinized. Overindulgence in study should be avoided. Indiscriminate study, especially of religious books written by spiritual novices or untried enthusiasts, results mostly in indigestible hashes of imagination, emotion, and at best a diluted realization.

Patanjali's Yoga Aphorism, the Christian Bible, and Hindu Bible , and a few other books written by men of realization should be studied, a little at a time, and meditated upon for hours or for days together. The best time to read scriptures is after practicing meditation, when the intuitive feeling is awake. (See the book list below.)

If you read one hour, then write for two hours, and reflect for three hours. This is the proportion that should be observed to cultivate the power of reason.

Before studying the scriptures, calm and steady yourself, then take two or three lines and meditate on them for several minutes. When the meaning becomes one with yourself, close the book and go about your business. One hour of regular meditation is worth more than one month of theoretical study of the scriptures. In meditation, direct knowledge is received.

Jesus Christ was crucified once, but his teachings suffer crucifixion every day at the hands of men of limited vision. Jesus Christ's teachings cannot be understood just by reading the Bible, even a thousand times, or all through life. The truths in the Bible can be known only by living and trying out in everyday life the principles taught in the book.

Theoretical knowledge cannot give you realization about God. So don’t waste your time on too much theory. Those who do so becomes lost in the jungle of reason and never get beyond mere theories. In the process of reasoning and reasoning they never perceive truth, for truth is beyond reason. Most intellectualist's thus become bound by their own conclusions.

Seek knowledge from a true guru. Decide upon the best and quickest method of meditation as taught by the great saints and God-realized gurus of India, and then meditate deeper and deeper every day, praying to God with a burning heart, "Reveal Thyself!"

Bud Karas

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