Friday, September 28, 2012

Just Love

You want love.

I want love too.

Underneath everything we do is the desire to be loved.

And to love.

Ideally, it permeates all of your words and actions, this sprinkling of love.

Whether you are asking your lover to pick her clothes up off the floor (although in a passion-strewn frenzy, such things can be forgiven. Ah, the power of great sex.);

Or your child has ignored your request to go to bed;

Or the barrista makes your ceremonial, non-milk matcha with milk again (ahem);

How many ways can you stay in love?

Love is an overarching feeling. It can film the room and the universe with its enormity.

It is also a conscious choice, moment-to-moment, to be loving.

In the end, your withholding love from others when they “f**k up” and “don’t do things the right way” diminishes you.

The more you radiate love, you constantly lift your vibration. You attract more love. It becomes so that an unloving word now sounds cacophonous coming out of your mouth.

Sometimes, a couple (or parent and child) have gone so long being defended against each other, that the idea of being loving is unimaginable. They’ve forgotten. It’s been that long.

You can change it in an instant.

If you decide to.

Every moment holds within it a new blueprint for the future. You can choose.

Then you have to remain committed to the choice. And committed to love.

I don’t watch (or have a) television. But I do once in a while check out shows online that I hear some interesting tidbit about.

About a month ago, I discovered The Newsroom on HBO.

What a beautiful show.

The acting, the dialogue, the ideas.

In the first episode, a broadcast team decides to run a news show and essentially change the direction of what all news channels have become: corporate-owned, very-curated versions of “news.”

When discussing this job-threatening, reputation-threatening move, one of the guys says, “We did it because... we just decided to.”

You just decide to.

You just decide to be more loving.

And it is done.

A bad habit or an addiction is a choice we make so quickly we're not even aware we're making it.

So you decide to change it. And then you remind yourself in every moment to keep making the better, stronger, more heart-honoring choice.

To love.


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