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AQUARIUS Horoscope July (1)

Saturn square your sign for the last two years hasn’t been a barrel of laughs for Aquarius, but finally we are starting to see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Saturn feels like drudgery direct let alone retrograde, so the fact it turns direct this month may provide some relief that you are finally turning a corner. Just keep thinking that every test the headmaster of karma gives you, and successfully pass, adds another qualification to your karmic résumé. At the end of it September 2015 or sooner for the earlier decans you will be a grand master of whatever game you have been playing with this Time lord. Love, business, parenting. But you can already start clapping on July 16 when Saturn stations direct once more. The earth can move again…and maybe it will in the biblical sense even. This is because a Maleficent Pluto Yod points at your house of self-undoing and mysticism on July 4. That minx of a sextile with Venus and Lilith will be thrusting the dark lord forward from your houses of partners and love affairs. Hmmm, the goddesses of sex and love are conspiring to get you out of your Saturn chastity belt. The July 12 Full Moon illuminates this theme even further since it will also sit not far from where the Yod is tantalizingly pointing.
Cool Obsession

Be careful that you don’t allow yourself to become abducted by a complete brigand though. A boomerang Yod picking up those houses, with those planets could get you into some bad ass trouble.. Now this is when Saturn comes in handy, if he is still in a square aspect with your ass. For he will hold you back from doing something completely stupid. The July 26 New Moon falls in your 7th house, so relationships are up anyhow. This month you may feel a bit of a stalker though, as your normally cool Aquarian approach is totally stuffed by the addition of Sun conjunct Jupiter in your 7th, either that, or someone else becomes obsessed by you and you have to go into hiding (12th house!). You do get the benefit of having both the tele and microscope effect of the tele/microscope aspect pattern, since it falls exactly horizontal across your chart. This means you will be able to see how the microcosm is reflected in the macrocosm since you will have both bigger picture vision and be able to pay attention to details also. So if you do find yourself behaving inappropriately, you will at least be able to pull yourself out of that behavior pretty sharply thanks to this having this valuable insight. Rejoice then Aquarius as your ruler is now direct and things are looking a shade less grey. In fact it’s looking positively silvery.

AQUARIUS DECAN 1 ~ Birthdays January 20 – 29
New Moon opposition Jul 26, Sun opposition Jul 23 –31, Jupiter opposition Jul 15 – 31.
Opposites attract indeed. You get the stunningly rich Sun conjunct Jupiter beckoning you from the house of marriage. Tempting, but you might find it hard to work out if this one is a player or actually a real 5 star catch.

AQUARIUS DECAN 2 ~ Birthdays January 30 – February 8
Venus trine Jul 2 – 9, Lilith opposition all month, Mars trine until Jul 4, Saturn square all month, Uranus sextile all month.
Lots of fantastically exciting transits to help you through this magnificent/maleficent month. It could be wickedly good and you even have Saturn to help you keep your feet on the ground too. Don’t let him be a total party-pooper though.

AQUARIUS DECAN 3 ~ Birthdays

February 9... 10 – 18
Venus trine Jul 10 –17, Mercury trine June Jul 1 – 12, Mars trine Jul 5 – 24, Ceres trine all month.
Oh happy water bearers here bursting with bubbly trines. You can really enjoy the swim in the misty blue 12th, no sea monsters lurking here. A romantic month ahead for you guys.
      By Marina Macario | June 20, 2014

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