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5 Things To Do To Get Your Testosterone and Other Hormones Optimized

Let’s face it. Problems with hormones are rampant in our society.
And if you hormones are out of whack then that leads to lots of problems.
Lack of health and the beginnings of various diseases.
Lack of enjoyment out of life (and I’m not just talking about sex drive)
Getting on hormone replacement therapy is necessary for some, but that should be used as a last resort. The reason is if you get on that you probably won’t be getting off.
Although different amounts are needed both men and women need testosterone. The truth is there are roughly 250 hormones in the human body and how they interplay can be very complex. The great thing is that simple things can make big differences
So what does the average person do? In the rest of this article we’ll cover five specific things you can do to.

#1 – Blood Testing

First of all, getting your blood levels checked is the ideal way to go. Then you’ll know exactly what is what and you’ll also have a baseline from which the other tips will show how well they’re working.
Blood Testing for Hormones
You’re going to want to look at the following levels. There are more hormones than are listed here but this can be a useful starting point. Also included here are reference ranges for the average adult for both males and females.

TestosteroneMale230-1000 ng/dl
Female20-85 ng/dl
FSHMale1-8 IU/L
Female5-15 IU/L
EstradiolMale14-55 pg/ml
Female.5-9 pg/ml
ProgesteroneMale0.27-0.9 ng/ml
Female6-29 ng/ml
AndrostenedioneMale60-270 ng/dl
Female60-270 ng/dl
SHBGMale20-60 nmol/L
Female40-120 nmol/L
Cortisol (depends on when
testing is done)
Male80-350 nmol/L
Female80-350 nmol/L
IGF-1Male160-390 ng/mL
Female110-420 ng/mL
Vitamin DMale30-100 ng/mL
Female30-100 ng/mL

#2 – Proper Training

To boost the positive hormones in your body like testosterone and human growth hormone you need to do two things.
One is to lift heavy weights. (Actually it doesn’t have to be weights, it can even be your own bodyweight, but it must be in a fairly intense manner.) Doing high repetitions to feel the burn isn’t going to trigger the hormonal response you want.
Strength training
Some of the best exercises for this include dead lifts and squats. I’d also add partial versions of these exercises.
The second part is to do some explosive conditioning. Note that I didn't say cardio. In fact, too much cardio will elevate your cortisol levels (the stress hormone) which is contradictory to the you think hormones we’re going for. This is sometimes called High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT.
Some of my personal favorites are hill sprints and kettle bell swings or snatches.

#3 – Avoid Phyto and Xeno-Estrogens

Both men and women need estrogen, albeit in different amounts, much like testosterone.
The problem is for most people this hormone becomes way out of proportion. The problem is there is too much we are assaulted with.
Many people have heard that soy but also other foods like flax and hops (found in beer) are estrogenic in nature. Although there may be some health benefits to some of these foods, depending on in what way they are consumed, you need to way the costs and benefits. When you add these phytoestrogens on top of the rest it can easily be too much.
Soy phyto-estrogens
The bigger culprit is xenoestrogens. Plastics and other chemicals like pesticides mimic the presence of estrogen within the body. And not the good kind of estrogen as there are actually several different types. You can do much to limit these but the truth is in this day and age it is hard to completely do so.
There is something to help balance the equation, a beneficial phyto-androgen, which few people have heard of, and that will be covered in the final tip.

#4 – Improve Your Sleep Quality and Quantity

Everyone knows they should be sleeping more yet few people do. If this is not under your control and there is nothing you can do about getting 8 hours of sleep each night, at least you can do things to improve the quality of sleep that you have.
The darker your bedroom the better. This means getting rid of all lights including clocks. If ambient light comes in through your windows then investing in black out curtains may be the smartest choice.
Staying away from lighted screens (TV, i phones, kindle, computers, etc.) at least an hour before you go to bed and dimming the lights will help your body, brain and hormones know its time to begin to wind down.
And if needed you can take 2mg of melatonin which will dramatically help people sleep.
There’s much more but if you do these steps your quality of sleep will greatly improve. And in doing that you may find you wake up less often and thus get more time too!

#5 – This Little Known Supplement

One man said he had to urinate in the bathtub every morning when he was on this natural substance. You may have to think about that a little bit to get it :)
What if there was a way to naturally increase testosterone, DHEA and other positive hormones in your body in a way that wouldn’t mess with your own body’s ability to produce them?
Check out Pine Pollen to see what it can do for you.
Pine Pollen

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