Saturday, August 24, 2013

Great Spirit

Great Spirit, Almighty Healer and Creator of all things, 

it is with a humbled heart that we gather together to offer up many thanks. We thank you for the warmth of Grandfather Sun during the day, and the coolness of Grandmother Moon during the night. We thank you for the many herbs and plants that provide us with cures for our ailments and diseases, and for the nourishment that is given. We thank you for the waters that flow from the mountaintops that hydrate our bodies. We thank you for the trees and the rain forests that give us the air to breathe. We thank you for the gentle winds that soothes our spirits and the music it brings. We thank you for the peace that can be found in the nature that surrounds us. We thank you for the Sacred Circle that can be found throughout your creation, from the vastness of the Universe around us to the very core of our Earth Mother. We thank you for the wisdom kept within our hearts.

We ask for healing for those that are suffering through diverse diseases and disorders. We ask for your hands to be placed upon the surgeons hands that will be operating in Emergency rooms this day. We ask for comfort and guidance for those that are low in spirit. We ask for a great revival of spiritual awakening during this time of turmoil and distress. We ask for protection for our animal friends, the bear, the wolf, the horse, the buffalo, the whale and the dolphin that are facing grave danger from those that do not understand how precious all life is. We ask for protection, guidance and strength as we stand against those that willfully destroy more of your creation. We ask for an end to the greed, corruption, lust of power and wealth that is found in our governments. We ask for an era of peace in a world that is weary of war and the governments that sanction them. We ask for the veils of secrecy be lifted so the people will begin to understand and are able to make informed decisions. We ask for an end to the violence and abuse being suffered by our women and children. We ask for closed eyes to open, hardened hearts to soften, and clogged ears to loosen in a time where unity of the four colors is needed. We ask for an end to the division that separates us and slows down the unity we need to bring back balance to an unbalanced world. We ask for freedom for all that have been imprisoned without just cause. We ask for an end to modern-day slavery and the return of the women and children that are suffering through it. We ask for greater compassion for those less fortunate than ourselves. We ask for a rich bounty of food that will allow all people to be fed.

We thank you for our Elders that bring us wisdom, life lessons, culture and heritage awareness, and the stories from long ago. We thank you for our children that will take the lessons and wisdom they learn from us, on to the next generation. We thank you for the great expanse of the Universe that surrounds us and is the very center of our being. We thank you for the wisdom and spirit that resides in the heart. We thank you for our ancestors that remain with us from the Spirit World to help us during our journey. We thank you for your forgiveness when we stray. We thank you for your love and guidance given to us each day. We thank you for the many gifts and blessings you have bestowed upon us. We thank you for all answered and unanswered prayers.

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