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Why Only Vegetarianism?

I am presenting here some of the facts of why we need to be vegetarians to evolve spiritually.

First of all if we study our body anatomy it resembles herbivorous
plant eaters  but god created
us as Omnivorous as we have the Jeeva Sudantra freewill to select or do good or evil. But from the anatomy we see our inherent body structure is to be of vegetarians. Our body digestive fluid acidity,
teeth structure, length of digestive system all resemble herbivorous.

Leaving aside science, let us use our common sense to evaluate why we need to be vegetarians.
As human we preach love and compassion and expect the same from others. It is also said getting a
human birth is very rare. When we kill animals for food we clearly see the animals suffer the pain. It runs
away fearing for the life and reacts in a same way like humans.

Imagine the pain a animal suffers in slaughter houses or imagine a fish taken from water and
now think and how we feel when we drown in water. If we care for these sufferings how can we expect
god to help us in our trouble. For any progress on spirituality we need compassion and Love.  Love is god. By eating flesh or animals we are killing the love. That’s why He said
people who eat non-veg food will never get the grace of lord and their life will be determined only according to their fate.

It is said removing the soul from a body forcefully is the highest pain a soul can suffer. We are
forcefully removing the soul from a animal body and making it to suffer. As per the law of karma we are
forced to suffer the same pain and fear either in this birth or other.

Some people argue that plant too has life. Yes plant too has life in it but its consciousness is very poor or ill developed and the pain it suffers is far too meager or insignificant as the plant does not have
nervous system and sensory system as that of a animal say a cow , sheep or fish. That’s why our scriptures tell that plants were with consciousness of 1st level or very basic consciousness. Also we can produce our own food we need to depend on plants which have the capability to produce its own food.

See the beauty of god’s creation, god has given the capability for plants to produce its food but made it senses or consciousness so minimal. Clearly this shows the plant food is for humans. Also god has given the capability for humans to regrow a plant rice, wheat, etc from plant seed but we can’t do so for animals.

Now let us see what great saints and siddhars who have reached the highest state have told
about non-eating.

1. Vallalar

He is the latest great saint we had who have achieved the greatest state in spirituality and who has
overcome death by converting his physical body to spritual body.

In his writings he says My Intelligence is going beyond universe and universes”. He clearly says who ever eats flesh of other beings is not eligible to get the grace of lord. He also says if a person has got
siddhi to raise another person from death and if that person eats meat then he too cannot overcome the repeated cycle of birth and death. This great soul who advocated there is no difference in person based on birth, language , religion has divided people as Agavinathaar and 
Puravinathaar. Puravinathar is a person who eats meat and not virtuous and this type of person can
never receive the grace of the lord. But any person by leaving side meat eating can become eligible for
receiving the grace and can become Agavinathar.

2. Thriuvalluvar

Has written a complete stanza10 Couplets)denouncing meat eating.

3. Thirumoolar , Manichavasagar:

Has condemened meat eating and condems the meat eaters as Pulaiyars.

4. All the major philosophies of Advaitam by AdhiSankarar), Dwaitam(Madvacharyar) and
Visistadvaidam (Ramanujar) advocates eating only vegetarian food for progress in

5. jainism also condems meat eating strongly.

So all major religions condemn meat eating.

There are also saints who have reached lord despite meat eating. If we look at their history we see
they have undergone lot of physical sufferings in their life before attaining divinity. That’s why vallalar
when asked lord if anyone in anyplace has reached divinity like him without undergoing much difficulty,
lord has told that he is the only person to realize him without undergoing much difficulty. This vallalar
attributes to his jeevakarunyam. Compassion he had for all the souls.

Just think even the great souls has to undergo this sufferings to clean their karma despite their
extreme devotion like kannapanayanaar. We as a ordinary humans can we undergo such sufferings? So
the supreme lord’s law were same to all, if you commit wrong you will be punished accordingly. But if
we repent and stop them any one can reach the supreme lord.

We accumulate lot of bad karma by eating non-veg food which will prevent us from progressing
towards spirituality and we need extreme effort to overcome this karma.

Today all our knowledge and views were influenced by what we read and what we see. So it is always
better to read the works of great saints like vallalar, Thiruvalluvaar who have attained lord and follow

We have seen all the great saints condemning meat eating, so we need to shun this meat eating for any
one to progress on spirituality.

Vegetarianism alone will not bring one closer to divinity but it will help one to do penance effectively
and makes one good human with love and compassion towards all living beings around us.
Other great vegetarians
Thomas Alva Edison
Albert Einstein
Jane Goodall, PhD
Sylvester Graham
Brian Greene, PhD
Henry J. Heimlich, MD
Steve Jobs
John Harvey Kellogg, MD
Peter Singer, BPhil
Paul Wenner
and it goes on and on

Carl Lewis
(Born July 1, 1961)

US track and field athlete; nine-time Olympic gold medalist

"Can a world-class athlete get enough protein from a vegetarian diet to compete? I've found that a person does not need protein from meat to be a successful athlete. In fact, my best year of track competition was the first year I ate a vegan diet. Moreover, by continuing to eat a vegan diet, my weight is under control, I like the way I look (I know that sounds vain, but all of us want to like the way we look), I enjoy eating more, and I feel great...

I remember vividly making the decision in July of 1990 to become a vegan. I was competing in Europe and ate a meal of Spanish sausage on a Saturday and on the following Monday started eating vegan."

Carl Lewis, "Introduction," in Very Vegetarian by Jannequin Bennett, 2001
ou think athletes have the best diets. Most athletes have the worst diet in the world, and... they compete in spite of it...

...Everyone says 'Where's your protein.' Well I ate tons of lentils, loved beans, had the juice; I did the things that I needed to do to replace what you would get with this tremendous amounts of meat that most people eat."

"Carl Lewis: Olympic Medals Through the Vegan Diet," (accessed Nov. 28, 2011)


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