Monday, May 20, 2013

This was my first #ice Bath and Results

This was my firs  Bath and Results i spent app. 50 minutes in the 50 lb of ice submerged to my navel,, Just focusing on my breath and meditating, heart rate syed slow guessing in the 40 beats per minute area legs actually felt Hot ,,,,, did not shiver at all could have stayed in longer ,,,,,,,,i did notice my digestion,,, system was becoming active......... But here is what happened after,,,,
when i stood up my legs were froze kinda hard to stand and walk not bad ,,,,,,,,, I could feel the cold dissipating through my Breath it was cold... per say.....then all the sudden i stared to shiver and it was a Little anxiety ,,,,,,, soi had to really focus meditate . to stop that from happening as my legs thawed they felt good like Icy Hot ON them a unique adventure But i need to understand why i shivered i did not like LOL Bud Karas


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