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Path of indulgence

Path of Indulgence

 Many see one giving oneself whatever mind wants in the way mind wants it. It is seen as giving into whatever whim we may have. It is seen as taking pleasure in whatever way we can find pleasure. In essence, a "path of indulgence" has strong negative connotation simply because it is not understood. However, to talk about the path of indulgence relative to our creativity is something very different. The path of indulgence is about the need to indulge and surrender to our deepest desires which flow from within the heart.

It needs to be noted and emphasized that indulgence of desire is an extremely poor characterization of the activity of indulging what comes from the heart. Indulgence implies a choice. However, the desire that arises from the tension of opposites in the creation process which we feel in the heart is not a choice. It is inherent in the observer observed pair and beyond one’s ego and the will of the ego. It is indulgence of desire only in that one allows themselves to surrender to their desire that arise inherent in the separation and the cause of the separation.

The path of indulgence is not about placating whims and satisfying bodily pleasures but it is indulgence of desire that arise from the deepest levels of Creation Itself. The path of indulgence is a reflection of acting on the all consuming creative passion. This creative passion will in fact cause many mental desires and bodily needs to be overlooked and discarded in seeking its fulfillment. One will sacrifice many aspects of their life to satisfy the what lies in the heart. The path of indulgence arises from a reflective energy, creative spirit, or consciousness that flow within the individual. It is the Divine energy stepping itself down to a level that can be directly experienced in physical form. It is an intense and radiant energy. The intensity radiates out from one’s being such that some individuals will literally be driven away because of the intensity, yet others will be pulled to it as if by magic the way a moth is pulled to be consumed by the fire.

To say one becomes obsessed or possessed are both reasonable representation of what happens when one enters the path of indulgence. But, both words contain what one could call an unfair negative judgment that implies being in this energy is not a desirable. Actually the opposite is true and it is an extremely desirable and pleasurable state although it is all consuming. It is not the energy and passion that is undesirable, but the way it is handled by mind. We do become obsessed because there is nothing else that matters, but along with this passion is an intense love for the path of indulgence is an expression of love. If the love component is not being expressed in the passion, then the person lacks sufficient self discipline to manage the energy and may very well not be following the heart but only satisfying a desire of the mind masking the heart.

The terms obsession and possession tend to arise because the energy is taking the person in a direction that is not normally judged as acceptable by those around the individual and/or the person themselves is insufficiently disciplined to master the energy. The rational ego consciousness is jealous of the passion of the heart and the power of the heart. We need to remember the mind’spurpose is survival. The heart will transform the individual and take one’s excuses away to act on what is found in the heart. The issue is to manage the energy as one would capture and harness the wind in a sail.

However, more often than not, the person lets what lies in the heart to unfold in the way the wind blows the sailboat over and capsizes it.Frequently, even when the person is disciplined and masters the energy, it is still frequently judged unacceptable by those around the person because it take the individual on the Left Hand Path as opposed to the decisions and wants of society. This is not to say the energy being expressed in passion is opposed to society. The energy, itself, is neutral. But the energy flows where it wants to go and frequently it is not in the way society has chosen to go. It needs to be realized that, for after all, that is what a creative energy is about  to bring in the new and unseen and not previously experienced.

One function of society is to be that second womb allowing the integrated creative spirit and body to grow to full maturity within physical form, More often than not, society abandons this role. This is quite simply understood. We are here to have experience we have not had before. Society, as are most of its theologies, philosophies, and cultures, are built on ways of being in the world that appear to work or at least have successfully worked in the past. By definition, society and religion is a maintenance of the past ways of being in the world. Any time an energy takes one outside the old or standard ways of being, one is outside the normal desire of society and they are on the Left Hand Path.

Since the creative energy frequently takes us into experiences not experienced before, it is takes us on the Left Hand Path. In this regard, since the energy takes us into new experience, fears tend to very, very quickly arise. Although we cannot fear the unknown and that which we truly do not know, our memories of what we think we will experience causes many, many fears to arise. If we are not mature and disciplined enough in our life to deal with the fears and face the faces fears in awareness of what they represent, we then become controlled by our fears. So too with society. If society is not mature and disciplined enough to allow the creative spirit within each individual to come to full maturity, society fears will be expressed and society will fails in it role to be that second womb. The society will be controlled by it fears in the same way the individual is controlled by theirs. To follow the path of indulgence is to constantly face the fears of our expectations based on our past conditioning, both of this life and our prior lives. In many ways to refer to the path of heartas the path of indulgence dramatically plays down the amount of fear we will need to face.

However it does need to be noted, that in following the heart we do nee to take pleasure and delight in Creation. The first thing we need to do is to take responsibility for the creation we experience and love our creation. To properly love our creation is to learn to take pleasure and delight in Creation  all of it for it ultimately is our creation Creation. This includes both ourselves as we are and the Creation we experience. In many ways this is the same a learning to be happy with what is" but there is a difference. To take pleasure and delight in Creation is to consciously take and enjoy the Creation. We are willing to seek those things that give us pleasure and joy not to hold on to them or to avoid pain but rather to savor the experience in wonderment and Ah and move into the fullness of being and into the infinity of our being, It is to actively "take and eat" and savor both ourselves and the Creation we experience. It is to open to the feeling and savor the feelings we have and take delight in all our sensations. It is to seek and find those experiences in Creation that give us pleasure and delight not in the sense of satisfying the mind. Rather the allow us to experience the fullness of our own being.
LOL and many Blessings BUD!!!!

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