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Empowerment, dropping of the vessel and peace are a self-esteem phenomena. It is through the embodiment of a biological self esteem that our true self worth lies. Dropping of the body mind is synonymous with receptivity and this in turn is synonymous with worthiness. Essentially this is done by being at Absolute Peace Ground Zero long and deep enough to let the life within us flow and grow. A green light to the soul's life born from unity consciousness.

 Worthiness Make a J around the heart with your hands by putting the left hand at the top of your heart with fingers resting on the clavicle and the right hand at the bottom of the heart under the breast, with thumb extended up between the breasts. Hold this position while breathing worthiness in through the heart and out into the solar plexus. Since worthiness is primary to NER there is two holding positions, the second involves keeping one hand on the right side of the heart, while the other hand is moved down onto the spleen at the bottom of the left rib cage continue the same worthiness breathing down into the spleen area. Worthiness-receptivity gives one the correct stance Kokoro-gamae  to be empowered to act in ways that build self-esteem. "Worthiness" represents a cellular level of receptivity to life a biological YES without which we cannot fully incarnate, nor can we maintain a strong immune system, good health or Self-actualize.
 The Two Worthiness Positions

 Gratitude Continuing on with the exploration of the neuroemotional reprogramming: The liver is the area that should be infused with Gratitude from the heart during attitudinal breathing. Gratitude gives the brain a direct link to the enteric brain and our power to take full responsibility for our lives. Feel into the feeling quality of Gratitude generated in the heart and send it down into the liver. This turns on the parasympathic nervous system, and you might notice your digestion making noises. The liver must be bought into the fire of Gratitude first before Trust is worked on, for faith is born from gratitude. You have got to have biological trust and faith in order to open to fuller incarnation and empowerment; so we do not have to burn so much wasted energy in defense mask, shield, ego.

 Trust Again holding the right side of the heart with one hand the other is placed on the solar plexus; which is the seat of power and need. Do the attitudinal breathing in through the heart and down into the solar plexus with Trust this time. The trust we are generating here is not the trust of Other or self, but a Divine Trust, a cellular biological-trust beyond conditions. A trust prior to differentiation, concept and distinction prior to mind all together. As soon as this practice of approaching trust becomes an exercise in trusting any human or even oneself, you have lost it as far as the deeper cellular working of the process.

Faith Jumper cable between the right side of the heart and the lower tantien, 2 inches below the navel area with the attitudinal breathing of Faith. Faith is one of the last things approached in the neuroemotional sequence, as the final letting go into nothing. This work to establish biological faith is the direct door to Witness or Pure-Context Awareness. Pure Awareness, the marriage of intellect and intuition, is cultivated with the following step

 Reverence and Equanimity After biological faith is developed and there is good prana flow into the lower tantien hara, then both hands are used at this area with finger tips almost touching the pubic bone. Generate a plasma ball of Reverence and Equanimity, thus growing the immovable seat of soul. Without reverence and equanimity we are still driven by poverty consciousness, ie  inadequacy, deprivation, need, powerlessness and lack of harmony. Equanimity breathing and the generation of the Reverence Power-ball in the lower belly allow us to build a spiritual nervous system that is transcendent of the pros and cons and the twists and turns of life in order to bring our Realization effectively into the world through spiritual action.

Heart Math Attitude Breathing Focus on the heart on the in breath and on the solar plexus on the out-breath. Choose a positive emotion such as gratitude, devotion, happiness joy, peace, forgiveness, care, courage or ease. Breathe the attitude in through the heart and out into the solar plexus. .

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