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Cardio Muscular Release

Cardio Muscular Release 


The heart is used as a holographic release mechanism for both left and right side so you are always using the heart. 
The heart is primary in the body, even prior to the dictates everything thus you go to it to release any area of the body you may need to work on. Or anything else in your life for that matter. The heart is a hologram for the entire neuro-musculature of the body. CMR is a neurological jumper-cable technique using the heart as a holographic key to unlock the muscles of the neck and shoulders and to take the static off the nervous system. It entrains and relaxes the heart, breathing, metabolism and brain, unlocking the neuromuscular system from the inside out; as such it is way more effective, profound and lasting than massage.
CMR is a simple technique that opens the neck/shoulders/heart and turns off the fight/flight and removes static from the central nervous system so current/consciousness can flow with less friction and greater efficiency. CMR is very useful to move through any fear or resistance as our contraction becomes tangibly felt and we progressively melt into a deeper sentient experience of our existence.
This technique can be self-administered and is useful for improving concentration, to take the static off the nervous system, prior to meditation, headaches, processing emotions, insomnia, and to relieve muscle pain and tension. The effects are accumulative over time and will permanently rewire the nervous system from more primitive reptilian function toward a more spiritual and less reactive condition. Done as a daily practice it is both preventative and restorative.
Car crash victims and others with PTSD will find this technique invaluable for getting relief from an overactive sympathic nervous system HPA axis. When working on the muscles that are involved in the vigilance to danger—the neck, shoulders and jaw I often find that electrical energy and spasms occur in the legs. Showing that the ego/socialization structure of the brain that is also associated with the vigilance muscles is inhibiting the full release of the charge from fight flight. Normally an animal would run after it comes out of its freeze response. We humans however do not remember to run off the charge generated by exposure to the tiger of daily existence.
Figure 4: Cardio Muscular Release

The heart is divided into three sections: left-top=1, right-top=2, bottom=3. There are three holding positions on the left side of the body then the three are mirrored on the right side.

Position 1: The three middle fingers of the left hand are placed along side left of the spine on the back of the neck; the right hand is placed on the left of the heart. Hold 5 minutes breathing gently into the belly.

Position 2: The head is turned to the right, and the right hand reaches behind the neck and holds the left neck at the point where the sternocloidomastoid muscles joins the skull just under the left ear. Left hand is on the right-side of the heart at the middle of the chest. Hold 5 minutes, continuing to belly breathe. Anywhere and everywhere on this muscle needs to be held in the jumpercable with the heart, because it is invariably tight and painful on most people. To get at the whole muscle I find it useful to use the fingers of the opposite hand for the top end of the muscle and then the thumb of the same side of the body as you work down the muscle.

Position 3: The left hand reaches up over the shoulder and down the back and the fingers poke into the muscles alongside the spine between the scapulars. The right hand is on the bottom of the heart. Hold 5 minutes, deep breathing; slide left hand slowly up the back over the course of the 5 minutes.

Repeat in mirror fashion on the other side of the body. Note all positions must be held for a full release to occur, otherwise one will still feel some disconnection and static. The key is to remain present and sensitive throughout the process. If you feel you need longer than a half hour practice either hold each position longer, or cycle a second time round. Meditation and toning done along with CMR offers a synergistic effect. .

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