Saturday, April 6, 2013


 Produce Conscious #estacy  
When The mortal #breath   disappears scientifically from the lungs, We consciously experiences, without dying, the death process by which energy is switched off from the senses causing the disappearance of the body consciousness and the simultaneous appearance of the #soul   consciousness
We again realizes that his life is not conditioned by exhalation and inhalation, but that the steady life force in the #brain   is continuously reinforced through the #medullafrom   the omnipresent #cosmic   current.
Even mortal #man   during the nightly state of sleep rises psychologically above the consciousness of breath; his life force then partially becomes still and reveals a glimpse of the soul as the deep joy of sleep. The breathless yogi, however, realizes the state of conscious "#death    " as a far deeper and more blessed state than that bestowed by the deepest blissful semi-superconscious sleep. When breath ceases, he is suffused with an incomparable bliss. He realizes then that it is the storm of human breath that is responsible for the creation of the dream wave of the human body and its sensations; it is breath that causes body consciousness.

St. Paul said I protest by our rejoicing which I have in Christ #jesus   our Lord, I #die   daily.St. Paul was able by life-force control to dissolve the consciousness of his dream body into the everlasting rejoicing of the#christ   Consciousness.

When with cessation of breath and the quieting of the heart the life force is switched off from the senses, the mind becomes detached and interiorized, able at last to perceive consciously the inner astral worlds and supernal spheres of divine consciousness.

In the first stages of ecstasy ,We perceives the soul blessedness. By higher ecstasies that come as a result of complete mastery of the breathless state, he realizes the physical body to be made of life trons that are surrounded by a halo of grosser electroatomic cells,
We perceives the illusion of the body dream de materialize into the reality of God. By experiencing the reality of the body as prana or life trons, controlled by the thought of god , We  becomes one with Him. With that divine consciousness that we is able to create, preserve, or de materialize the dream atoms of his body or of any other object in creation. Attaining this power, the yogi has the option of leaving his physical dream body on earth to gradually disintegrate into cosmic#atoms    ; or he can keep his dream body on earth indefinitely like Babaji; or, like Elijah, he can de materialize its dream atoms into the Divine Fire. Elisha witnessed the body of #elijah   become etheric, ascending in a chariot of fiery atoms and life trons commingled with the cosmic light of God. His luminous physical and astral dream bodies and his causal body and soul merged into Cosmic Consciousness.
The #lord   surrounded man's soul first with an idea body. Then He encased the idea body with a very fine or subtle light (the astral body. The third or final encasement was the electroatomic dream body, the illusion of a fleshly form.

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