Monday, March 25, 2013

Kundalini Awakening part 3


Part 3, Those who have not read the previous parts it is suggested that you read part 2 and earlier, as this is a continuation of the text indicated in the previous post.

The awakening of kundalini is a very important, pleasant experience in life. If you can see and experience something more than what you can generally see and experience through your senses, you are indeed fortunate. But at the same time, if you have such experiences without adequate preparation, you may be startled, frightened and confused. Therefore, before the actual awakening of kundalini occurs, it is better to experience some mild awakenings in the chakras first.

Why do we call it as a risk? Imagine if a common man is asked to compete with a Olympic sprinter in a 100 meters sprint, by the time the sprint is over the person who has not accustomed his body for such a grueling task will be left exhausted, panting for poor life that may be hanging inside him with last few thin strings of thread attached. Just by pushing the body to its extremities without getting it accustomed to such a task leaves you desperate. Imaging what will happen if you push not just your body but along with it your brain and its associated central nervous system. This is for sure no one would wish for.

So is the risk so huge?

Nowadays, if you travel by motor car at a very high speed, you do not really feel anything unusual, but if a man did it a hundred years ago when there was no adaptation to speed, he would have felt very giddy. Similarly, if a sudden awakening takes place and you are not used to the experience, you may become disoriented. You will not be able to cope with the radical changes in perception or with the contents of the unconscious mind welling up into the consciousness. But if you have been practicing yoga and meditation, and have experienced slight awakenings previously, you will be better able understand what is happening and cope with it easily.

When the body in totality is purified by the prerequisite practice, when the mind is purified, when the breadth is brought under control through the practices of pranayama and proper breathing technique and the diet is pure and balanced, at that time, awakening of kundalini takes place without any incident.

But with those who are in a hurry to awaken kundalini and who take to any practice in a haphazard manner without going through the preliminaries, and who do not take care of their diet, there will be some problems because they do not know how to control and utilize the fantastic energy they are unleashing.

There are so many talk about the dangers of awakening and dark hints about people going crazy or developing disturbing powers. This is not true. Everything in life is risky and there are far more dangers in ordinary daily life than what you will encounter on the path of kundalini.

Every time you walk across the street or travel by car or plane, you take a risk. In the pursuit of desires, passions and ambitions, people take great risks every day without thinking twice about it. Yet they allow the relatively minor risks of kundalini to deter them from pursuing the supreme goal of life itself.

When a woman discovers she is pregnant, does she think it might be dangerous for her to have a child? She might die! She may have to have a cesarian! She may lose her figure for life! She may become seriously ill! Does a woman think like this and decide she doesn't want a child at all? No. Then why to think like this about kundalini?

Kundalini practices is for sure no more dangerous than many of the activities people engage in for the sake of thrills, sport or altered states of consciousness. The risks are not nearly as great as those associated with LSD, hashish, marijuana and alcohol, which are commonly used by many people in their everyday life. Those who practice kundalini yoga are assured of attaining states of expanded consciousness which are safer, smoother, more comprehensible and longer lasting.

The science of kundalini yoga has its own inbuilt safety mechanisms. If you perform asanas or pranayama incorrectly, your body will immediately force you to stop practicing. In the same way, when kundalini awakening takes place and you are not prepared to face it, the body will puts obstacles in your way. If ever you become scared and want to stop the process of kundalini awakening, all you have to do is revert to a gross lifestyle. Just revise all your passions, dreams and worldly ambitions.

Just imagine that you eat something that has upset your digestive system, your body immediately has an inbuilt system which will get rid of it by making you feel nausea and will purge itself by way of vomiting or by way of diarrhea or any other means. The process of vomiting and diarrhea is a system by which the body purges and cleans and is not a disease by itself.

Likewise the body has an inbuilt system to correct its balance and this will set in to maintain the equilibrium. So please be rest assured that if you proceed slowly, sensibly and systematically being aware of your bodies needs and listening to it every step, there is no harm that can be bestowed upon you.

We will discuss the different steps and the science each of the method adopted in the activation process in the next posts.

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