Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Law of Acceptance

            The Law of Acceptance (or                        Gratitude)LAW OF LEAST EFFORT?

The Law of Acceptance is about action, gratitude and faith. This law states that delivery of that which is to become manifest, comes only to those who are in a state of acceptance.

Acceptance is the opposite of resistance. Anger, sadness, disappointment, shame, guilt, envy, and resentment are all human emotions that we all feel from time to time. However, at the root of each of these is resistance to what is.

Here’s the deal. Everything is of one thing, right? Everything is of the original thing, energy. To the eternal source of all things, no harm can come, right? So, from the perspective of the eternal, it’s all good, isn’t it? Whatever works, or doesn’t work, will come to the end of its cycle and then there will be new configurations, new possibilities, and new realities. So, it’s all good.

Since we are of this same eternal source, of which all things are made possible, to resist anything, is resistance of our essence. If we are resisting anything, we are resisting all things, including ourselves and that which we intend. In order to manifest with ease, you must harmonize with the reality before you.

When you experience obstacles, or things that are unpleasant, be grateful. I know it isn’t easy, but do it anyway. You are being blessed with the gift of contrast. If all things appeared the same, there would be little benefit in choosing anything. When you are faced with situations that you don’t like, the universe is providing you with opportunity to be grateful for the things that you do like. So, be grateful for what you do not like, they are reminders of all the blessings laid before you.

And, when you become grateful for these things that you do not like, build your faith that things you do like are coming. For as surely as you came across a situation that was unpleasant, you shall surely come again across a situation that is more pleasing. This state of mind is the state of acceptance; gratitude for all that comes your way.As you fully accept what is happening around you, you stay out of any fearful emotions, and can act, not react to the situation. You feel more empowered in the process, not angry at yourself for giving your serenity away. It has been wisely said, our serenity is in direct proportion to our acceptance of life. We can learn to let go of our fear based thoughts, trust the Universal flow of life and enjoy the journey even more along the way. Practice acceptance and watch the change in your level of happiness.